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October 2015 –   La Javanaise 2015 – 4th edition @ JPC Jakarta

For this 4th edition we were happy to break all our records of players; a perfect number of 32 teams enjoyed the battle. We had mix teams from all level ; some coming from far; Dubai, Maluku, Palembang, Bali, Yogjakarta, and some just from around the corner. Thank you to all for your good positive attitude and thank you to all sponsor and supporting organisations.


31 May 2015 –   JPC Jakarta @ ADFE Tournament

Good and Friendly Pétanque Competition by ADFE / SAFEWAY last May 31st. Bravo JPC Teams for keeping the Trophee. Well done also from other players and specially young Raphael who put up a great fight !



May 2015 – JPO 2015 – Jakarta Petanque Open – 1rst Edition

Took place in BSD Taman Giri Loka – Thank you to all players, teams, supporter to have contributed to this event. Bravo TeamNas team and all the best for Singapore SeaGames 2015.


We love you all !

Big thank you to JPO 2015 sponsors

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and communication support : 

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February 2015 – JPO 2015  – Expat Indonesia @ JPC

Thanks to the visit of Antony Sutton here is a nice article in Expat Indonesia Newspaper :    expat-indonesia-may2015


October 2014 –   La Javanaise 2014 – 3rd edition @ JPC Jakarta

Sunday 19 october 2014 ; fun triple competition Sunday.

20 teams from around indonesia battled for the title on JPC ground ! Thank you to all for your good spirit ; players from Palembang, Jogjakarta, Jakarta; from UNJ , Giri Loka Club, FOPI. Also special thanks to Bpk Ramdam, Djufri and FOPI President Bpk Isa Saleh for their work on developping petanque in Indonesia. Special thank to Marc and teams from CROWN Relocation who fought well against the young best players of Indonesia. See you all soon !!









February 2014 –   BUGIL’s visit @ JPC Jakarta

BUGIL’s reporter Antony had the kindness to visit us at JPC latelly and some of our JPC stars (Prakash, Emmanuel & Yves) are now front page on BUGIL’s Feb edition…next step ? a Special BUGIL’s competition ?? why not ?


10 Nov 2013 –   JPC Jakarta @ ADFE Tournament

After May’s 2013 tournament won by JPC team William / Prakash / Cédric, for the second time this year a JPC team takes the ADFE trophee back home… It was not easy but Jean-Marc / Prakash and Cédric did it ..!!… see you soon


29 Sept 2013 –   Open Triple Competition “La Javanaise” @ JPC Jakarta

24 triple teams joined in the batle this year for the annual JPC competition baptised “La Javanaise”. A hot day of game, socialising and fun !

A big thank you to all participants and sponsors. This year we had a 50%-50% local and expat teams. FOPI was less present with players focussing for next asian championship in Bali, but UNJ and Yogja teams joined in with enthousiasm.

The competition was very open but this year JPC took it all with William, Bruno and Denis (JPC) for gold, congratulation !  Pk Ida, Ecko and Shain (JPC-GOR) for silver as well as Jacques, Philip, Prakash (JPC) and Andy, Jean-Marc, Umberto (JPC) for Bronze.

Hoppefully next year, more teams and pétanque lovers will join in for a bigger challenge !



January 2013 – FIPJP / FOPI Umpires & Coaches Training @ ISCI Jakarta

FIPJP and FOPI organized a 5 days Umpires & Coaches Training with Mr Claude Azema ( FIPJP President) & Mr Victor Nataf ( FIPJP Coach ). Beside Indonesian players from National Teams and other Clubs ( JPC was there) , some Philippines and Brunei pétanque fans joined in a for very instructive and enjoyable training time in ISCI facilities in south Jakarta…





09 Dec 2012 – Petanque Promotion @ HARRIS Hotel Sentul

For HARRIS hotel group 10 years celebration we had the pleasure to join the party and promote Petanque to visitors. Thank you to all FOPI players who join in to share their Petanque passion with the public. At this occasion HARRIS Sentul created it’s own petanque field and will be able to propose this activity to their guests…


01 Dec 2012 – JPC players make the trip – Competition @ FOPI Palembang

Some of us made it to Palembang this month! 

Bravo ! 

Hope there will be more next time to join in FOPI monthly competition in Palembang.


16 Sept 2012 –   Open Triple Competition @ JPC Jakarta

We had the pleasure to receive 26 triple teams  for this Open Triple Competition. The day was sunny, the ground was ready and the players were motivated !

Among the teams, we had expat teams from Jakarta, the JPC club players, teams from Ragunan Sport School  & Ragunan Sport Center, ISCI, Universitas National Jakarta and last but not least GAS Palembang and Palembang Petanque Club.

Palembang Petanque Club took the wining places with brio.

Big thank you to our sponsors for this event: 

Hotel Harris / AGS Four Winds / Institut de Soudure / Malongo Coffee & Classic Fine Foods


10 June 2012

Sunday Tournament ADFE in ISCI

A few of our players joinned in at ISCI Pétanque Tournament to spend a good fun and competition time with famillies and friends. This year some local teams join in from Palembang and Jakarta ; all good for the competition. A total of 20 triplette enjoyed that event. JPC team reached semi final, lacking of consistency. Some very good young local players showed their skills too !

Final Palembang/Faro

Winner Faro : Olivier, Arnaud & partner, congratulations ! 

A big thanks to ADFE, ISCI  for their nice organisation ! (Sponsored by AGS worldwide movers)


03 June 2012

A World Level Player in JPC !  

We had the honor to have the friendly visit of Belgium International Pétanque player, René Van Der Biest. After a few adaptation shots on our clay ground which can be a bit tricky we could see that we have some work to do to reach world competition level…-)   

René took part of few World Championship in is carrier representing the Belgium team and reaching 1/4 final level a few time. His son William is also a national team player for Belgium.




Pictures by Rusly (thank you).


21-22 April 2012: 

FOPI / JPC Pétanque Introduction & Practice with SMA Ragunan students.

A full day of introduction and promotion towards high-school students organised by Mr Iwan Rosyidi. and team.

Few players of the Indonesian National Team were there including the Charming Feminine Triplette Annisa (point), Elsa (middle) & Tiya(shooting).

The following day all JPC players were there for the challenge! Scores are kept secret so far…. -).


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